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About “Medimoses Prostate Center”

he Medi-Moses Prostate Centre is a subsidiary of Medi-Moses Clinic and Herbal Centre established since 1993 by Dr. Kofi Amuzu Dogbatsey, as the Chief Executive Officer and Mrs. Mary Dogbatsey as the Production Manager and Dr. De-Gaulle Moses Dogbatsey as the Marketing Manager at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre.
Medi-Moses Prostate Centre was born in January 2008 and Registered under the Parent Company at the Registrar General Department by Dr. De-Gaulle Moses Dogbatsey as the Chief Executive Officer with P.O. Box TF 324, La Accra and G70 Adenta Barrier Newsite, Accra as the registered Postal and Physical address respectively.
Medi-Moses Prostate Centre is unique Health Facility that Specialises in treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or Enlarged Prostate gland no matter how big the weight and size of the Prostate gland without Surgery using 100% pure specially formulated herbal product called PROSTACURE® Herbal Tea which is able to shrink an enlarged Prostate Gland back to normal weight and size.
This Feat chalked by Medi-Moses Prostate was a major Medical Breakthrough in the management of Prostate enlargement across the World. Hitherto the ONLY SUCCESSFUL way of treating BPH was through Surgery with its numerous associated side effects including death as part of complications that arise Surgery.
Before the emergent of Prostacure herbal Tea onto the scene, the Six major groups of Orthodox drugs use to manage Prostate enlargement or BPH at best are able to relax the Urethral muscle to aid flow of urine but cannot Shrink the enlarged Prostate gland.PROSTACURE® herbal Tea actually Shrinks the enlarged Prostate gland back to normal size and weight. It has been proven Scientifically in a Prospective studies involving Seven Thousand patients aged between Forty and Seventy years having BPH Urinary symptoms Such as;

1. Increased Frequency of Urination both Day and Night
2. Incomplete Voiding or inability to completely empty the Urinary bladder
3. Hesitancy or Delayed urination
4. Urgency or Inability to control urine
5. Straining whilst Urinating
6. Interruption of urine flow
7. Split Urination or Divided urine flow
8. Lower abdominal pains

There was remarkable improvements in these Urinary symptoms within Two to Eight weeks of treatment using PROSTACURE® Natural Tea.
There was also enhanced Libido as an additional benefit and this is especially good news for those who tried Conventional or orthodox medications and had Libido nose-dive and sexual weakness as a usual side effect.
Medi-Moses ProstateCentre also treat or manage many other ailments affecting mankind using about Several different Herbal Products. We also have the State of the Art Ultra-Modern Medical equipment and Machinery in Diagnoses and production of our herbal products.

Medi-Moses Prostate Foundation was registered as an Non-Governmental organization and specially dedicated in providing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Medi-Moses Prostate Centre.
The foundation Organizes Education and Free Prostate Screening for Churches, Organization, Old Schools Associations, Institutions such as the Police, the Military, the Fire Service Officers, Staffs at the Presidency, Flagstaff House etc.
We also propagate Prostate issues in the Traditional Media such as Radio, Television and Print Media.
We have move into the Social Media such as the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and You Tube to educate people on Prostate problems.
Medi-Moses Prostate Foundation is presently taking care of the Total Healthcare costs of all remaining 1965-year group of Gallant Old Black Stars squad that won the 1965 Africa Cup Of Nations for Ghana until they are called into eternity.

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